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Research outputs

The following is a sample of research outputs from core members of the CPCE.

Creative Writing

Carey, Gabrielle. 2009, Waiting Room, Scribe Publications, Melbourne.

Carey, Gabrielle. 2006, So Many Selves, ABC Books, Sydney.

Dale, John (ed). 2008, Car Lovers, ABC Books, Sydney.

Dale, John. 2007, ‘Crime Fiction’, in Steven Earnshaw (ed), Handbook of Creative Writing, Edinburgh University Press, Edingburgh, pp126-34.

Dale, John. 2004, Wild Life, Allen and Unwin, Crows Nest, Australia.

Falconer, Delia (ed). 2008, The Penguin Book of the Road, Penguin, Camberwell.

Falconer, Delia (ed). 2008, Best Australian Stories 2008, Black Inc, Melbourne.??

Falconer, Delia. 2008, ‘“The Poetry of the Earth is Never Dead”: Australia's Road Writing’, Journal of the Association for the Study of ?Australian Literature, special ASAL.

Falconer, Delia. 2007, ‘Everything is Illuminated: My Love Affair with CSI’, A Public Space, Brooklyn, NY.

Falconer, Delia. 2006, The Lost Thoughts of Stories and Selected Stories, Picador, Sydney.

Falconer, Delia. 2006, ‘Republic of Love’, Manoa Journal.

Falconer, Delia. 2005, The Lost Thoughts of Soldiers, Picador, Australia.

Maniaty, A. 2006, ‘Birth, Death and Transfiguration: Books and Reading’, Australian Author, vol 38, no 2.

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Cultural Economy of Wine

Hale, Patricia and Ashton, Paul. 2002, Sustaining a Nation: A History of the Commonwealth Departments of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 1901-2001, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries – Australia, Canberra.

Aylward, D. and Clements. M. 2008, ‘Crafting a local-global nexus in the Australian wine industry’, Journal of Enterprising Communities, vol 2, iss 1, pp73-87.

Aylward, D. and Zanko, M. 2008, ‘Reconfigured domains: alternative pathways for the international wine industry’, International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management, vol 8, iss 2, pp148-56.

Aylward, D. 2007, ‘Differentiation or path dependency: A critical look at the Australian wine industry’, Strategic Change, Wiley, vol 16, pp385-98.

Aylward, D. 2007, ‘Innovation and Inertia: The emerging dislocation of imperatives within the Australian wine industry’, International Journal of Technology and Globalization, vol 3, no 2/3, pp246-62.

Aylward, D. (2006) ‘Innovation Lock-in: Unlocking Research and Development Path Dependency in the Australian Wine Industry’, Strategic Change, vol 15, pp361-72.

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Media Arts

Beilharz, K.A. 2008, ‘Interactive instrumental performance and gesture sonification’, SCAN Journal of Media Arts Culture, vol 5, no 3, Dec.

Beilharz, K. and Vande Moere, A. 2008, ‘Sonic drapery as a folding metaphor for a wearable visualization and sonification display’, Visual Communication, vol 7, no 3, pp271-90.

Beilharz, K. 2006, ‘Fluid Velocity’ in ‘veloCITY’ exhibition, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney, Oct 12 – Nov 4.

Beilharz, K. 2006, ‘Fabrication (II)’: ‘The Cry of Silk’ (CD), Tin Sheds Gallery, University of Sydney.

Caines, C. 2008, ‘Year On The Road’, Live AV performance (with Jes Tyrrell) for Sound of Failure Festival.

Caines, C. 2007, ‘Homepage’, Live AV performance (with Jes Tyrrell) for Liquid Architecture Festival.

Caines, C. 2006, ‘iWall’, networked public screen for Customs House, Sydney.

Nash, M.F. 2007, Call Me Mum. 2005, 76min Big and Little Films, Festival International de Films de Femmes du CRÊTEIL, France (in competition International Long Feature and Grain du Cinepharge).

Nash, M.F. 2007, Call Me Mum. 2005, 76min Big and Little Films for SBSI Broadcast SBS 6 May and 9 Dec.

Nash, M.F. 2006, Call Me Mum, (2005) 76min Big and Little Films, Sydney Film Festival.

Neumark, N. and Miranda, M. 2008, Talking about the Weather, Govett-Brewster Art gallery New Plymouth New Zealand 2006, UTS Gallery, 2007, Wollongong City Gallery 2008, Pictura Gallery, Dordrecht NL 2009.

Neumark, N. and Miranda, M. 2008, Homicide Rumours, Sound of Failure, 2009, LoopSpace, Newcastle.

Neumark, N. 2008, Shock, The Lumberyard.

Neumark, N. and Miranda, M. 2007, The Trouble with the Weather: a southern response, UTS Gallery.

Neumark, N. and Miranda, M. 2007/9, Searching for rue Simon-Crubellier, Artspace, Sydney and Macquarie University Gallery.

Nuemark, N, and Chandler, A (eds). 2005, At a Distance: Precursors to Art and Activism on the Internet, MIT Press, Cambridge Mass.

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Anderson, Theresa D. 2009, ‘Teaching the Socio-Technical Practices of Tomorrow Today’, in Brian Whitworth and Aldo de Moor (eds), Handbook of Research on Socio-Technical Design and Social Networking Systems, IGI Global, Hershey, PA USA.

Anderson, Theresa D. 2007, ‘Relevant Intra-Actions in Networked Environments’, in D. Goh and S. Foo (eds), Social Information Retrieval Systems: Emerging Technologies and Applications for Searching the Web Effectively, Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference (IGI Global), pp230-51.

Beilharz, K. 2008, Earth Essences: Air, Earth, Water, Stars for clarinet/bass clarinet and double bass (1993), performed by Roslyn Dunlop and Julia Ryder, Conservatorium of Music, Recital Hall West, Sydney.

Beilharz, K. 2006, ‘Sonic Islands’, in Joanne Jakovich (ed), Cuttings: Urban Islands, vol 1, University of Sydney Press, pp73-87.

Machin, D. and Van Leeuwen, T.J. 2007, Global Media Discourse, Routledge, London.

Van Leeuwen, T. J. 2008, Discourse and Practice: New Tools for Critical Discourse Analysis, Oxford University Press, New York.

Van Leeuwen, T. J. 2007, ‘Sound and vision’, Visual Communication, vol 6, no 2, pp136-46.

Van Leeuwen, T. J. 2006, Reading Images: the Grammar of Visual Design, Routledge, Abingdon, UK.

Van Leeuwen, T. J. 2006, ‘Towards a semiotics of typography’, Information Design Journal, vol 14, no 2, pp139-55.

Van Leeuwen, T. J. 2006, ‘Translation, Adaptation, Globalisation: The Vietnam News’, Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism, vol 7, no 2, pp217-37.

Van Leeuwen, T. J. 2005, Introducing Social Semiotics, Routledge, London, UK.

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Public Communication

Broom, G. and Macnamara, J. 2009, ‘Evaluation’, in S. Cutlip, A. Center and G. Broom (eds), Effective Public Relations, 10th edn, Pearson Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ.

Byrne, Alex. 2008, ‘World Summit on the Information Society’, in Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science, 3rd ed, Mary Niles Maack and Marcia J. Bates (eds), Taylor and Francis.

Macnamara, J. R. 2008, ‘Internet media and the public sphere: The 2007 Australian e-electioneering experience’, Media International Australia.

Macnamara, J. R. 2006, Media and Male Identity, Palgrave Macmillan, UK.

Maniaty, A. 2008, ‘From Vietnam to Iraq: Negative Trends in Television War Reporting’, Pacific Journalism Review, vol 14, no 12, October 2008, pp89-101.

Maniaty, A. 2007, ‘The Lens in the Serpents Mouth’, in Tomasz Pludowski (ed), War, Terrorism, Society, Collegium Civitas, Warsaw.

Manaity, A. 2007, ‘Command and Control: How the Media and Military Are Reshaping Televised Coverage of War’, in Jenny Hocking and Colleen Lewis (eds), Counter-Terrorism and the Post-Democratic State, Edward Elgar Publishing, London, 2007.

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Public History, Memory and Heritage

Ashton, P. and Kean, H. 2009, People and Their Pasts: Public History Today, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK.

Ashton, P. and Hamilton P. 2009, ‘Connecting with History: Australians and the Past’, in P. Ashton and H. Kean (eds), People and Their Pasts: Public History Today, Palgrave Macmillan, Baskingstoke, UK.

Ashton, Paul and Hamilton, P. 2009, ‘“Unfinished Business”: Public History in a Postcolonial Nation’, in Daniel J. Walkowitz and Lisa Maya Knauer (eds), Contested Histories in Public Space: Memory, Race, and Nation, Duke University Press, Durham, pp71-98.

Ashton, P. 2008, ‘Suburban Sydney’, Sydney Journal, vol 1, no 3, December, pp36-50.

Ashton, P. and Hamilton, P. 2008, ‘Places of the Heart: Memorials, Public History and the State in Australia since 1960’, in Public History Review, vol 15, pp1-19.

Ashton, P., Cornwall, J.L. and Salt, A. 2006, Sutherland Shire: A History, UNSW Press, Sydney.

Byrne, Alex. 2008, ‘The Word Endures: the role of libraries in preserving and transmitting culture’, Libri (Germany).

Byrne, Alex. 2008, ‘An international political framework for libraries’, in Kerry Smith (ed), The politics of libraries: realities and challenges, Oxford, Chandos.

Byrne, Alex. 2007, ‘The Warp and the Weft: Communities, Institutions and Memory’, in Larry Stillman and Graeme Johanson (eds), Constructing and Sharing Memory: Community Informatics, Identity and Empowerment, Newcastle, UK, Cambridge Scholars, pp 6-18.

Clark, Anna. 2008, History’s Children: History Wars in the Classroom, Sydney, UNSW Press.

Clark, Anna. 2008, ‘The Challenge of Teaching Australian History’, in John Butcher (ed), Australia Under Construction: Nation-building Past, Present and Future, Canberra, ANU ePress.

Clark, Anna. 2006, Teaching the Nation, Melbourne, Melbourne University Press.

Hamilton, P. and Shopes, L. (eds). 2008, Oral History and Public Memories, Philadelphia, Temple University Press.

Hamilton, P. 2005, Cracking Awaba and other Stories: Sydney's Northern Coastal Communities and Mosman during the Depression, Sydney, Shoroc Council Libraries.

Lyons, K. and Wearing, S. 2008, Journeys of Discovery in Volunteer Tourism, Oxford, CABI.

Maniaty, A. 2009, Shooting Balibo, Penguin, Melbourne.

Wearing, S., Goodall, H., Byrne, D. and Kijas, J. 2008, ‘Cultural diversity in the social valuing of parkland: Networking communities and park management’, Australasian Parks and Leisure, vol 11, no 2, pp20-30.

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