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Research students

CPCE currently has 60 doctoral and masters research degree students, all of whom have associate status with the CPCE.  Core members have supervised to completion 31 PhD and DCA students and 18 Masters research degree students.

Potential research degree candidates are encouraged to contact both the CPCE and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Research Office about the application process.

The following examples indicate the diversity of higher degree research work that is undertaken at the CPCE:

  • Jo Ankor, 'Toward a Research Agenda for International Volunteer Tourism and Social Development' (supervisor Stephen Wearing)
  • Sarah Barnes (PhD), 'Jaywalking Sydney: Locating the sites and sounds of the invisible city' (supervisor Paula Hamilton)
  • Clint Caward (MA Writing), 'The Love Machine' (to be published by Penguin in 2010: supervisor John Dale)
  • Adrian Deville (PhD), 'The Role of Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOFers) in the Transition to Sustainable Production and Sustainable Tourism' (supervisor Stephen Wearing)
  • Guy Hansen (PhD), 'History Curatorship at the National Museum of Australia' (supervisor Paula Hamilton)
  • Joanne Jakovick (PhD), 'The role of adaptation in human-systems engagement in interactive spaces' (supervisor Kirsty Beilharz)
  • Richard Kuipers (MA Writing), 'Warriors of the New Gold Mountain' screenplay (supervisor Margot Nash)
  • Gisela Da Costa Lima Carnerio Leao (PhD), 'Movement in film titles: An analytical approach' (supervisor Theo van Leeuwen)
  • Angelo Loukakis (DCA), 'Houdini’s Flight' (to be published by Harper Collins in 2011: supervisor John Dale)
  • Emily Mann (MA Writing), 'Down and Out in Paris' (supervisor John Dale)
  • Margaret Park (PhD), 'Designs on a landscape: A history of planning in North Sydney' (supervisor Paul Ashton)
  • Bettina Richter (MA writing), 'Drifters and Dreamers' screenplay (supervisor Margot Nash)
  • Sandra Ridgewell (PhD), 'Music in the service of the state and the politics of style: Making a music culture in Australia' (supervisor Paul Ashton)
  • Greg Shapley (PhD), 'The sound of failure: The future of experimental electronic music in our post-digital era' (supervisor Norie Neumark)